Moroccan spiced cous cous

This is a delicious vegan cous cous dish, perfect as a side for a BBQ or tagine, or a comforting bowl all on its own, and made entirely from store cupboard ingredients. You can use honey (not vegan though) for a more authentic taste than maple syrup.

Prep: 5 mins

Cook: 5 mins

Ingredients: (serves 2)

150g dry cous cous

1 tin chickpeas

Hot water or stock, enough to cover the couscous

1 generous teaspoon each Cinnamon, Cumin, Turmeric, Chili powder, Coriander, Celery Salt, Zaatar, Pepper- taste as more may be needed

Handful sultanas

Drizzle maple syrup/honey

Optional- pumpkin seeds or sundried tomatoes scattered on the top


1. Cover the cous cous in water or vegetable stock

2. Tip in the rest of the ingredients

3. Stir, taste, and season as needed, fluffing the cous cous and adding more hot water if tastes too raw

4. Garnish with pumpkin seeds 🎃

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