Summer fruit cocktail -vegan

Mixology is super hard, all about balancing flavours to get subtle and delicious creations. I am no mixologist, and don’t have a cocktail shaker at home, but I love drinking, and when I go to a pub and can’t find out if the wine or beer is suitable for vegans (cry) I opt for spirits and cocktails, which are usually safer. This refreshing summer punch is weak enough to keep drinking throughout the day, and more refreshing than Pimms.


Ingredients (makes two big jugs/ 1 big Kilner drinks dispenser, as seen here): 

Ice cubes

1 bottle cider

1 bottle fruit cider

500ml vodka

200ml pomegranate juice

200ml lemonade

Squeeze fresh lemon/lime

1 inch grated ginger

Fresh fruit slices


Add it all together, stir, (or shake if you can) and add more or less ingredients to taste


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