Easy non-dairy white sauce

This white sauce is delicious for pasta and lasagne, so much more creamy and flavoursome than the dairy version. I’d really recommend taking the extra step and adding the cashews and nutritional yeast, which add a great depth and richness.



1 tbsp nutmeg

Oat milk

Stick of Margarine/ Olive spread

At least 1tbsp plain white flour (more depending on how thick you like)

For the cheesey version:

Handful cashew nuts

1 tsp salt

1 tbsp nutritional yeast


Melt the ‘butter’ in the pan on a medium heat, then whisk in the flour until you form a paste. Then gradually whisk in milk, a little at a time, and the sauce will start to thicken. Continue to add milk until the sauce becomes thick and creamy, then whisk in the nutmeg, and season to taste.

For a richer sauce:  Whizz the cashews with the salt and nutritional yeast in a blender until you get ‘vegan parmesan’. Add this to the sauce at the end to make it even better!

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