Protein mushroom power toast and zingy energy smoothie 

Back at the kitchen helm again! We went shopping yesterday so lots of tasty ingredients to try!

This morning I made power mushroom toast, full of energy to set you up for the day💪 My boyfriend had a power smoothie- we put wheatgrass powder in both breakfasts, much to his disgust at first! It’s a bright green powder which doesn’t taste of anything but smells kind of grassy. Apparently it’s got lots of iron in it. I also tried not using any oil to cook the mushrooms with, just water. I can taste the difference, but made up for it in adding pine nuts and nutritional yeast. I’m trying to reduce the amount of fat in this diet, but just can’t stop eating nuts 😅😇

For my toast, I fried some mushrooms (no oil added) and herbs de Provence. Without oil, it’s best to fry them slowly on a low heat, but they still go wonderfully brown and meaty at the end- it’s worth the wait!

Beautiful fresh mushers bubbling away in the herbs

I chucked in some pine nuts until everything was nicely toasted, turned off the heat and piled the pan high with spinach while popping the toast on.

Add a final optional sprinkle of nutritional yeast and wheatgrass powder and you have a delicious low fat, iron rich power breakfast!

For my boyfriend’s smoothie, we put spinach, frozen mango, strawberries, a few chia seeds, and sweetened soy milk into the nutribullet. I forced him to put some wheatgrass powder in too!

And out comes the green god smoothie! It tastes much better than it looks!

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