Mexican birthday tacos!

Today it’s bae’s birthday! He’s 22 today 😘

Yesterday we went to Wahaca’s in Cardiff and it was incredible! They were really vegan accommodating and the food tasted incredible. I had fried plantain tacos and a corn and black bean tostada, and you wouldn’t have noticed that they weren’t originally vegan. I think they were supposed to have had cheese on them, which they definitely don’t need.

I have no idea how to recreate these, but I’m willing to have a go! Here is fried plantain on a bed of slaw and garnished with salsa and coriander.

We washed down this black bean and corn tostada with ginger ale 👌 In the background one can see the pièce de résistance- the caramelised sweet potatoes with mojo de ajo (garlic sauce) which I’m going to try and reproduce. They were soft and sweet and crispy and perfect. Watch this space!

My happy chappie had a steak burrito. Be back soon with more recipes. Happy birthday guapo!

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