Easy peasy veggie pasties

So this recipe started out as an attempt to make homemade samosas, but we realised we’d picked up puff instead of filo pastry, and it went badly wrong. So we made pasties instead 😉

If you have a spare hour to entertain the kids with, try making your own pasties for lunch dinner or snacks. They freeze well and you can fill them with any leftove veggies and potatoes etc-  I just used leftover potato and mixed frozen vegetables.

Just be creative! It’s great fun for kids and adults alike, I even got my kitchen-phobic boyfriend to get his hands floury.


1 packet puff pastry

cup of cold water


2 potatoes

mixed frozen veg

curry powder/ garam masala


IMG_1287First up, make the filling. Cut the potato into pieces and microwave it with the frozen veggies and some curry powder for 1 minute. They will all cook through in the oven so no need to worry about them being raw at this stage. To ramp up the flavour, add tomatoes, chilli, cooked rice, garam masala, or any fresh vegetables or herbs that you have. To make a non-vegan version, add some shredded chicken, ham, or cheese.


First up, take some refrigerated ready-made puff pastry (unless you are some kind of saint who can make their own. Hat’s off to you, I am in awe). Cut off small pieces and roll them out on a floured surface. They should be about 1cm thick.


Grab a bowl or large mug about the width of your handspan, place it on the pastry and cut out a circle around it. Any bigger or smaller than your hands (or your kids’ hands) and they become more difficult to make.

Then, using your finger or a pastry brush, dab a little water around the edge of the pastry, to make it stick together.


Grab two thirds of the circle in each hand, and fold them in on each other, like a cone, and squish the edges of the pastry together so it sticks.


Put two teaspoons of your filling inside, and then fold over the final edge and seal the pastries. IMG_1302

Sprinkle them with turmeric and a brush them with either oil or milk to make them golden brown when they come out.


Bake for 30 minutes at 200C and serve with onion relish and my amazing mango-mole. BOSH.


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