Cheat’s savoury pancakes

Newsflash: Pancakes are great without eggs! In fact, they’re even EASIER than eggy ones! NEVER AGAIN will I waste time weighing pancake ingredients, in despair when they went lumpy or tasted weird. Traditional pancakes can be tricky, but this method is so easy, and just as tasty. The key is in only using a tiny bit of oil in a medium-hot pan. The need for eggs is a LIE propagated by the egg industry and Delia Smith, probably.

This recipe is great because you don’t need to do separate vegan and omni batter (because who needs that faff) and nothing needs weighing or resting. Chuck JUST FOUR ingredients together until you get the consistency you want.


You absolutely need to put something delicious to fill them- a great way to squeeze in some veggies, cheeze, herbs, whatever you have in the fridge. I put mushrooms, leeks, and vegan cream cheeze in mine, while the bf just had ham and cheese in his. Spinach, artichokes, peppers, tomatoes, pine nuts, all the cheeses, and any leftovers all go great wrapped in delicious salty carbs.

This recipe doesn’t need scales, just common sense. I measured the ingredients to make it accurate for two people on here, but the amount of milk you add depends on how thick you prefer your pancakes. Leftover batter will save for a few days in the fridge.


2 mugs flour (any type)

2 tsp salt and pepper

2 tsp baking powder or bicarbonate of soda

Oat/almond/soy milk



Put flour, baking powder, salt and pepper into a big bowl (Sieve optional). Start to slowly add the oat milk, whisking as you go. You should form a paste which loosens as you add more milk. Add enough milk to make the batter a slightly gloopy, paint-like liquid. Gloopy batter with hold its own with a lot of filling, but too thick and you get a scone. Up to you madames et monsieurs. Here is mine!

Fried mushrooms, leeks, and thyme

Cook the filling, if it needs it. I fried some mushrooms, pinenuts, and chopped leek in a little thyme and a little sunflower spray until they were golden brown and delicious. Cheese, spinach, pre-cooked veggies and meat don’t need cooking again, they will heat up inside the pancakes.

Heat a big frying pan (or pancake pan, if you have one!) so it’s hot enough that a drop of water sizzles on it. Once it’s hot, add a few squirts of sunflower/vegetable spray. That should sizzle too!

IMG_1276Ladle the batter into the hot pancake pan until you have an even layer in the bottom of the pan. Add some filling to one half. Here are my mushrooms and leeks. I also threw in some vegan cream cheeze to give it a tasty, gooey centre.

My boyfriend’s pancake was even simpler than mine, just straight up ham and pre-grated mozzarella out of the fridge. I called him boring.

When it’s ready to flip, you should see the batter bubbling like in this picture.


Using a wide plastic spatula, take half the pancake and flip it over the other half so you have a semicircle. Gently squish it down to even out the filling and make the halves stick together. Flip it after 2-3 minutes to make sure both sides are lightly golden. Et viola!


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