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Hello and welcome to The Juggling Chef! Inspired by the effort of cooking vegan (for me) and non-vegan (for my lovely family and boyfriend) food at the same time, I make meals which are suitable for both meat eaters and vegans in a cheap, easy, and hassle-free way.

I’m a recently converted vegan, but my wonderful boyfriend (pictured with me here!) is definitely omnivorous (he likes to eat meat, cheese and eggs, when I don’t!). We definitely can’t be bothered to cook two separate meals for us all the time. Dinner used to either consist of delicious, balanced, vegan meals, with a random lonely sausage on the side for him, or me left having toast while he tucked into a wonderful, meaty, omni meal. Rubbish! In our adventures together, we are always coming up with recipes which make cooking for the both of us easy, fun, and cheap, all at the same time. With a few additions and tweaks at the end, and occasionally one more pan, we can both enjoy virtually the same meal at the same time- one version omni, one version vegan- easy peasy.

While I wholeheartedly advocate going at least part-time vegan, for your health, the planet, and for animals, I get that the reasons you or the people you cook for don’t want to- just like my darling O.H. This blog is aimed at those people who have to juggle cooking for different dietary requirements every day. More and more people are becoming vegetarian or vegan every day, and many households are experiencing this dilemma on the front line! My poor mum used to put up with my fads and made sure to cook something for part-time vegetarian me and my hungry-for-anything brother, every day after work. I don’t know how she did it. This blog is made partly to thank her for putting up with that, and to make the lives of  future mums, dads, partners, and friends easier when catering for both omnivores and veggies at the same time! The recipes are made with juggling that dilemma in mind- either putting in, or taking away, meat and cheese easily to the same meal. No more making two or three different meals every day, just easy, straight forward, and healthy food for all.

I’m putting together cheap and easy recipes, and would love any feedback and critique on them. I’m not a professional chef and never have been, so these recipes are far from fancy or difficult. I’m lazy, frugal, and laid back, and so is my cooking. A lot of these recipes will be straight forward veggie/vegan, too, but if omnivores like them and says, astounded, that ‘You can’t tell there’s no meat!’ then they’re getting onto the blog! I hope you enjoy trying these recipes as much as I do!

FYI- ‘Omnivore/omnivorous’ is the word to describe the average Brit diet- people who eat both meat and vegetables.

‘Vegetarian’ describes people who don’t eat meat or stuff with meat derivatives in, such as gelatin.

‘Vegan’ describes someone who doesn’t eat any ingredient derived from animals, which means meat, dairy, eggs and honey. Vegans usually don’t use animal products either, such as leather, suede, and things tested on animals.

For more information on vegetarianism and veganism, check out https://www.vegansociety.com/go-vegan/definition-veganism or http://www.peta.org.uk/

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